Okay, so we’ve been sitting on this little bit of news for MONTHS, and now we can finally say it…

Deep breath…



PEP&CO is going to the be the focus of a six-part, prime-time ITV series called ‘Bargain Shop Wars’, and it’s coming to your screens this Spring.

More details nearer the time, but suffice to say we’ve had trouble holding this one under our hat. Since we opened 50 stores last Summer, our teams up and down the country have been followed by Crackit North, the Salford-based production company making the show.

You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the amazing, hilarious people we get to work with every day, from in-store teams and head office staff to our favourite people – our customers.

Kerry Brierley, Executive Producer of the show, says: “Viewers at home will get a real life insight into shopping for bargains and how high street retailers really work. This series also taps into the humour, warmth and wit of the savvy bargain shoppers who grace the aisles of this new discount retailer.”

As for us? Excited just doesn’t cut it.

Want to know a bit more? Here’s the full press release.

Written by Ed Wright