The impulse to stand on a rooftop with a megaphone is very difficult to ignore.

We can now confirm that the TV series ‘Bargain Shop Wars’ – which we’re starring in! – will begin on Thursday 14th April at 8.30pm.

It’s on at 8.30pm every Thursday for 6 weeks, just after Emmerdale on ITV1.

We always knew we’d be worthy of prime-time telly, we just didn’t think it would happen less than a year after we opened our first 50 stores!

According to those nice folks at ITV1:

This warm, witty and entertaining docu-soap goes behind the scenes of Britain’s newest bargain chain to capture the madness, mistakes and mayhem as they try to take on and undercut the big names of the discount fashion world and become the cheapest on the high street.

Headed up by retail royalty, ex Asda boss Andy Bond and former Sainsbury’s clothing supremo Adrian Mountford, PEP&CO has fifty stores across the country.

The series follows the daily working lives of staff from the high pressure of head office to the daily struggles on the shop floor and we meet the funny, savvy and insightful shoppers who will do anything to bag a bargain. Plus, we learn the secrets of how high street retailers really work.

Here are a few of our people featured in the first few episodes:

Paula and Amanda from PEP&CO's Salford store. ITV1's 'Bargain Shop Wars'.

Paula and Amanda from PEP&CO’s Salford store


Beth, the manager of PEP&CO Bolton. Featured in  ITV1's 'Bargain Shop Wars'.

Beth, the manager of PEP&CO Bolton


Sue, the Manager of PEP&CO's Corby store. Featured on ITV1's 'Bargain Shop Wars'

Sue, the Manager of our Corby store


Darren Vernon, Head of Stores at PEP&CO, featured in ITV1's 'Bargain Shop Wars

Darren, our Head of Stores.


Adrian Mountford, Managing Director of PEP&CO and former head of Sainsbury's clothing. Features in ITV1's Bargain Shop Wars

Our Managing Director and “former Sainsbury’s clothing supremo” Adrian Mountford

Well, we’ll be sitting in front of the TV with popcorn (and a pillow to cover our eyes for the embarrassing bits). How about you?

Written by Ed Wright