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We all know that a certain witchcraft and wizardry school uniform is a very popular Halloween costume choice for lots of kids, but buying one new, can cost more than a trip to Ollivander’s Wand Shop! So we’re here to help you out with a bit of DIY magic, using one of our own men’s T-Shirts and a few basic sewing supplies…

For the magic to work you’ll need a men’s black T-shirt. Ours are £2/€2.50 and are 100% cotton so are easy to cut and sew without losing their shape!

You’ll also need scissors, chalk, a ruler, pins and black thread (all available from Poundland/Dealz stores)… and a sewing machine (you can do it by hand it will just take a bit longer!)

First thing’s first, measure your kid! You can get any size T-Shirt for this DIY as long as the T-Shirt easily goes all the way round your mini wizard with plenty of fabric to spare and the length is just above the floor. (If it’s too long you can turn it up at the end of course!)

How To Transform your T-Shirt into a Wizard’s Cloak…

  1. Fold your T-shirt inside-out and then fold it in half with the front sides together so that the sleeves are lined up on top of each other. Draw a slightly curved line from the sleeve and up into the body of the T-shirt and then a straight line down off the body of the T-shirt. This is the shape of the sleeve. Make sure the gap’s wide enough for your kid’s arm to fit through! Don’t worry about the excess fabric at the bottom of the T-shirt this will help make the finished cloak billowy!

    Tip – If you start the line on the sleeve just before the edge of the T-shirt, it will make cutting and sewing easier as the sleeve itself will still be in tact.

  2. Cut along the lines you’ve drawn keeping the T-shirt folded. You’ll end up with the basic cloak shape when you unfold it and the two sleeves will be exactly the same.
  3. You can pin the loose edges together if you like, you don’t have to, but it makes it a bit easier when you’re sewing…
  4. Get sewing! Sew the sleeves back together leaving a bit of space from the edges. Now you have the basic shape it’s time to make the front open up!

    Tip – you can use the same instructions above to make a witches dress or pop one of our white school polos underneath and it’s Wednesday Addam’s dress! And you know, Halloween is on a Wednesday this year – just sayin’!

  5. Cut straight up the middle of the front layer only of your T-shirt (It should still be inside-out). If it helps, draw the line in chalk so you don’t go off-centre.

    Tip – If you’re worried about accidentally cutting through the back of the shirt (it happens to the best of us), then use some cardboard inside the T-shirt as a barrier.

  6. Next you’ll need to hem the sides of the cloak opening you just cut. Fold over about 1 to 3cm and pin. (You are folding the wrong sides of the T-shirt together).
  7. Sew a straight stitch along your pinned hems so your cloak has a nice neat opening. Psst, you can also buy sticky hemming tape from Poundland and Dealz if you want to skip all the sewing!
  8. That’s it! For extra house points, you can add a button, some velcro or a popper fastener but that’s optional… Now the fun can begin!


You can pick up everything for this DIY from PEP&CO, Poundland and Dealz stores… There’s still school uniform available in PEP&CO, our little wizard is wearing the £4/€5 grey pinny and your local Poundland or Dealz has everything else a wizard could need, scarves, glasses and of course, wands, all £1/€1.50 each!

Finally, if you’re off trick or treating, finish the look with one of our Harry Potter tote bags to look after all those sweeties – £1/€1.50 but look out for dementors!


You can find everything you need this Halloween at PEP&CO – Find your nearest store here






Written by Nina Thompson