16 April 2016 TV No Comments

Did you see us on TV? We’re the focus of an ITV series called ‘Bargain Shop Wars’, and the first episode aired on Thursday.

And yes, all the interest made our website fall over! TV critic James King even said the show was one of the two best things on the box this week, so we’ll take that as high praise indeed.

Since it aired, we’ve had thousands of hopeful customers asking us to pop up in their hometown. We’re in 50 locations at the moment, but we’ve got big plans so every suggestion is welcome!

In case you missed it, you can watch it again on the ITV Hub.

Here were some of the characters, and the key things you need to know about them…

Andy Bond, Chairman of PEP&CO and former CEO of ASDA

Darren, Head of Stores at PEP&CO

Adrian Mountford, MD of PEP&CO

(we do now have menswear, and it’s fab)

Sue, our PEP&CO Corby Store Manager

So, what’s in store next week?

According to the Radio Times:

“Bargain retailer PEP&CO, which already has thousands of items priced at a pound or less, takes the bold decision to launch its first sale, slashing prices by up to 70 per cent. Will it be enough to lure customers away from their rivals? There is bad news in Bolton, where the store is failing to attract custom, leaving manager Beth with some tough thinking to do if she is to save the outlet. Meanwhile, the buying team orders 30,000 wrong jumpers, which could prove a costly mistake for the company.”

Ooo-er! Will it turn out alright? Well, that would be telling…

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Written by Ed Wright