Our Schoolwear Range - Now with a 101 Day Guarantee


First, there were 101 Dalmatians.

Now there’s our 101 Day Schoolwear Guarantee.

This means that if you aren’t happy with our Schoolwear, you’ll be able to pop into PEP&CO up to 101 days after you buy
your kids’ school clothes and get a refund or exchange, guaranteed.

Whether it’s the colour, fit, or its ability to survive a lunchtime football game, our 101 Day Guarantee gives mums the assurance
they need that our great prices go hand in hand with excellent quality (and, of course, your statutory rights aren’t affected).

Put simply: If you aren't happy, bring it back. No quibbles.

Some questions you might want to know the answers to...

How do I claim a refund?
If you come back in store with proof of purchase (eg receipt or bank statement), we will refund or exchange your schoolwear
items within 101 days of purchase if you're not completely happy with them 

I purchased some school items 40 days ago. Am I still able to get a full refund (as it’s outside of the normal 28 days' return period)?
Yes, no problem!
I'd like to bring back a pair of school trousers with holes in the knees. After 2 months, would this still be eligible for a refund?
Yes, it would!

My child doesn't fit in the clothes I bought them a month ago. Can I return these?

What if staff have reason to believe that fraudulent returns are taking place?
Our team members can decline to offer a refund or exchange if they have significant cause to believe that fraud is taking place.