23 June 2016 New products No Comments

Stuck for ideas on how to dress this season? We’ve put together a few of our favourite menswear looks of the season to give you a few ideas when you next pop into PEP&CO!



Palm print shirt with jeans at PEP&CO

Why this? The £10 jeans and £8 shirt make a great evening look. This button-down is bright and makes a bold statement. Perfect for fashion conscious men who love to celebrate warmer weather!



El Diablo! This tee and shorts set is from PEP&CO

This £3 tee is already flying off the shelves, and these £5 jersey shorts are perfect for lounging around the house or running around chasing a football. ‘Athleisure’ at its best!



The king of the barbecue

This is the outfit we call ‘King of the Barbecue’; £8 cargo pants teamed with our £4 polo, plus all the fashion accessories a man might need to cook a mean steak!


The 'let's go on a boating trip' look from PEP&CO

Possibly our favourite look, the clean simplicity of this combo is an instant winner. Think Mediterranean millionaire, but he only spent £6 on his chino shorts and £7 on his shirt!


Brazil with PEP&CO!

The Summer isn’t complete without a nod to the greatest sporting celebration on Earth! Flights to Brazil are expensive, but you can capture an essence of Rio with these tees, ranging from just £3 to £5.


Written by Ed Wright