Coming soon to Sheffield, PEP&CO clothing
15 July 2016 Uncategorised No Comments

So you may remember a few months back, when we told you about GHM! Stores – stands for Guess How Much – selling our fab clothing alongside essential everyday items for less.

Well, since then, Hinckley have been introduced to PEP&CO, and so has the Isle of Sheppey.

But now it’s Sheffield’s turn! From Tuesday 19th July at 10am, shoppers will be able to pick up our famous £3 leggings, and a whole lot more besides, at Kilner Way (near Argos and Halfords).

The best thing? The store is opening with our Summer Sale, so you’ll be picking up even better deals than usual!

Head to the GHM website to learn more about what they’re up to, or visit the Sheffield shop’s Facebook page to get involved.


New concept GHM to have PEP&CO clothing in store!


Written by Ed Wright