All kitted out!

From uniforms to backpacks and all the school essentials, we have everything the kids need to start the new academic year in style!

On your marks…! Get the kids ready for action in hardwearing kit made for PE. We know the drill – before the term is out, half their kit will have gone walkabouts never to be seen again – so with our amazingly low prices, you can afford to stock up too.

Bag the basics! We know how easy it is to forget the little – but essential – bits so this handy checklist will have you prepped for the new term in no time.

Top tip! Get spares of everything because kids love mess and, let’s face it, they can stain ANYTHING! It will it save you time during the week when you can’t bring yourself to look at the ever growing mountain of washing!

Oh and don’t forget to stock up on vanish as well!

Written by Rhian Lindsay